Leon C Pereira PhD
Clinical & Behavioral Psychologist
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Courses That I Teach
Abnormal Psychology
A study of the etiology, development, manifestations, and treatment of psychological disorders. Psychodynamic, behavioral, humanistic, systems, and cross-cultural theoretical perspectives are used to understand stress and anxiety-based disorders, psychoses, social and personality disorders, and organic and developmental disorders. Normality/ abnormality are treated as concepts, as are legal and ethical issues related to deviant behavior.

Personality Theory
A study of the nature and development of human personality from different theoretical perspectives. Foci include: the conceptualization and meaning of "personality"; modes of assessing personality characteristics; and the relationship of personality to culture and society. Cases, contemporary research, and topics of current interest in personality are featured.

Social Psychology
An exploration of major theoretical paradigms as they are used to understand topics in social psychology, including social perception, attribution of causality, the self, emotions, attraction, prejudice and discrimination, attitude change, altruism, aggression, social influence, exchange and strategy, and physical well-being.

Learning and Cognition
A survey of the psychology processes in learning and cognition. This includes coverage of perception, attention, associative conditioning and other forms of learning, memory, language, creativity, reasoning, problem-solving, and decision-making. Students perform experiments to understand the methods of inferring these processes.

Tests and Measurement in Psychology
A course that covers the fundamentals of measurement theory and practice upon which all psychological testing rests. Major topics include: types of measurement, correlation, reliability, validity, test development and norms. Major individual and group tests of intelligence, personality, aptitude, and interests are examined and evaluated in terms of these concepts.

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