Leon C Pereira PhD
Clinical & Behavioral Psychologist
45-955 Kamehamema Hwy, Suite 401
Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744
(808) 255-3618
Who can benefit from psychotherapy?
Anyone who is having difficulty coping with the demands and stresses of life. If you or your child has emotional or behavioral problems therapy can help.

Signs that you, or your child, may benefit from therapy:

- You are facing situations which are causing you or your child stress, anxiety, sadness, or anger.

- You or your child is experiencing feelings that seem more intense or uncomfortable than usual, or beyond your control, such as anger, sadness, fear, frustration and depression.

- You, or someone you care about, is behaving in ways which seem unusual or inappropriate, or are problematic to you or others.

- Your thoughts are peculiar, hard to understand, out-of-control, or disturbing.

- You or a family member has been subjected to a traumatic experience (such as an accident, assault, or abuse) or major loss (such as job loss, separation, divorce, or death).

- You are dealing with relationship issues, ongoing family conflicts or difficult life transitions.

- You are challenged by family issues, such as parenting, child-rearing, or "troubled teens".
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