Leon C Pereira PhD
Clinical & Behavioral Psychologist
45-955 Kamehameha Hwy, Suite 401
Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744
(808) 255-3618
What form does psychotherapy take in my practice?
For children, therapy will involve cognitive-behavioral, play and art therapy with the child. I also work with the parent or parents to improve their understanding of the principles of good parenting, to relieve stress, and to improve their relationship with and behavior management of the child. Other family members are actively involved in therapy, when appropriate.

For adolescents, a similar approach is employed. However, as adolescents are better able to directly express their thoughts and feelings, cognitive-behavioral therapy [as described below] will be the primary approach.

For adults, the primary approach is also cognitive-behavioral therapy. However, art therapy may also be used if you are comfortable with it.

For couples, I help you gain insight into your problems and concerns, to understand the bases for a good relationship, improve communication, and set goals. In all of the therapy, "homework" practice of new skills is also employed.

My approach to Cognitive-Behavior Therapy

I employ an individualized, collaborative, problem-solving approach. This involves: identifying current issues; understanding the influence of, and resolving, the past; changing present thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; and, working toward future goals.

I help you understand what factors contribute to your, or your child's, problems and concerns and what changes may be helpful. I guide and coach you in progressive steps to bring about lasting change.

In general, I help you examine the past and present to identify causes of your, or your child's, difficulties and to help increase insight and understanding. We review the present situation to identify factors that need to change or improve. We also set goals and plan for the future. I will teach you and/or your child positive, adaptive, and effective ways to think and act. You practice these in your daily life between sessions, and we refine them together.
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