Leon C Pereira PhD
Clinical & Behavioral Psychologist
45-955 Kamehamema Hwy, Suite 401
Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744
(808) 255-3618
What Is Psychotherapy?
Psychotherapy is a process in which a trained professional enters a therapeutic relationship with a client to help him or her to resolve emotional and behavior problems, relationship difficulties, parenting and family concerns, and the like. In general, any problem or issue that a child, adolescent, adult, couple, or parent cannot cope with on their own may be addressed in therapy.

There are many misconceptions about therapy. Therapy is not just for "crazy people," it does not simply involve the client talking and the psychologist listening, or blaming everything on your past. It involves actively and collaboratively identifying problems and their causes, gaining awareness and insight, and taking active steps to bring about lasting change in your life.

Psychotherapy addresses personal, relationship, and family difficulties, providing the opportunity for individuals, couples, and families to openly and confidentially address their concerns and feelings with a professionally trained individual. Clients are also encouraged to do homework assignments, applying new knowledge and skills, between sessions.

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